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Dear God

We are blessed to share with you these encouraging thoughts and prayers from your youngest

supporters. It is our hope that they remind you of our appreciation and pride in all of you.

A soldier is a brave country server who has a life threatening job so that everyone else can have a good life.

Dan - age 9

I think it's good to be an American soldier. It's an honor to serve your country. I am grateful to all of the soldiers that serve our country so that bad people don't take it over.

Connor - age 9

Dear God,

Please keep the soldiers safe while they keep me safe.

Erin - age 5

Power Rangers!

Tanner - age 3

Dear God,

Please help our soldiers stay brave and help them make the world better. Help us stay proud of them.

Austin - age 6

As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.

Proverbs 25:25

In the mail...

Dear Operation Freedom,

Operation Freedom is a needed and honorable endeavor.

It is a blessing and privilege to be involved and to be able to

stand with you in prayer and support.

Our military men and women will surely be blessed to have the Scripture cards. Carrying them will be like having a piece of God's heart in their pocket. They will be a constant reminder that God is with them and that people back home care and pray. God's Word will bring them comfort, encouragement, strength and hope.

Juanita - Griffith, IN

Dear Operation Freedom,

On behalf of all of us at Operation Care Package, we would like to send our heartfelt thanks to you for your donation of Scripture "survival cards" to include in our packages to our troops. Mail call is one of the most important parts of any deployment for our military.

Not only does it bring many needed items, it also brings a smile

to their face and helps to keep up morale.

We currently have over 2,400 individuals on our list deployed all over the world in such places as Iraq, Afghanistan,

Columbia and ships in unknown areas.

We would not be able to continue our mission in making sure

No Hero Goes Forgotten without the support of so many people such as yourselves and we are so very grateful.

We appreciate your support.

Thank You!



Debby - Operation Care Package

Dear Operation Freedom,

I am in the US Army stationed near Tikrit, Iraq. I received an Operation Care Package box with your wonderful scripture cards. As a Christian soldier I very much appreciate the words of strength and comfort on each card. With the help of these cards I will indeed remain strong and trust God. May He continue to richly bless your organization's ministry.

A brother in Christ,

D. F.